Top 10 Best Educational Websites in India

Simply, No one can regret the importance of Education. From the moment we are born till the moment we die is a process of learning. There areseveral online educational websites that will help you learn almost everything that you wished for to learn. Below Listed sites are the Top 10 Best Educational Websites Which can be Handy for Online Learning.

Top Ten Educational Websites in India

  1. Wikipedia

A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software. Giving Wikipedia No.1 Spot is because Wikipedia is the only site Which Contains data of almost everytopic. That is why Wikipedia becomes handy for everyone.

  1. Lynda

Lynda Weinman is the owner of, is an online video tutorials training site where you can learn creative, and business skills, Designing, Web Development, Graphics and much more to achieve your personal and professional goals. The only advantage it has over Other Sites is, its tutorials are made by professional paid authors.

  1. TotalTraining

Total training is a complete software training and online video training site; all the videos are made by industry experts with their easy to learn online training videos you will learn very quickly and easily.

  1. HowStuffWorks

Is a complete knowledge based website. There you will Finds thousands of topicscovering everything to help you know Howstuffworks. I personally recommend you to go through this website to increase your knowledge.

  1. Math

Math Oh! Let me tell you this site is not for me because I was never good at math. I included this site in top 10 Best Educational Website’s list because I feel for math lovers. You can learn math from the very basic to advanced level, this is very useful site for math lovers.


Explore the physics all around you with this animated cartoon street  Your guide to physics on the web. is the place to be if you have a burning physics question, or if you just want to browse articles and interactive. Find advice and information about studying physics at school or University.

  1. W3Schools

If you want to Learn Web Design & Development & want to Become a professional Web developer or Web Designer. Then this site is for you. They have thousands of examples to teach you Different Languages like PHP, MY SQL, C, ASP.NET, JAVA and much more.

  1. Ehow

Ehowis other informative site, With More than 1 million articles and 170,000 videos offering you step-by-step instructions To Guide you Almost Everything.

  1. TheNewBoston

TheNewboston, the ultimate source for free video tutorials on the internet. This is only Site where you can learn complete Computer Programming Courses without any cost. if you want to specialize computer field then this is the only Video Tutorials site which can help you learn the best in Computer field.

  1. Coursera

Coursers is a Like an online school, Providing massive open online courses founded by computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University. Coursera has Contract with a lot of universities to make some of their courses available online, Their Courses covering topics from different discipline like engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science etc.

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