List of Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers available right now in the market. Almost 60% of the internet users use Chrome as their daily driver on computers, mobile devices etc.

With one of the largest and the longest range of extensions and apps available for it makes it so fun to use. It looks cool; adding themes and extensions has become so simple now. Just visit the chrome web store and then search for the extension that you would like to install, click on the install button and boom! The app will install all by itself. Today as you have come here, I am going to discuss with you the top 10 Google Chrome Extensions that every blogger out there should install and use. So let’s begin with the first!


1) Alexa Traffic Rank

Hardly there is any blogger out there who doesn’t know what Alexa Rank is. This extension for Google Chrome allows you to quickly check the Alexa Ranking of any website that you have opened in your latest tab. It’s good for those of you who would like to know and compare what alexa ranks your friends or competitors have got. Very easy to use and simple interface. It has an option to use it in standard view or in toolbar view. You also get information about a couple of other things like no. of links the site has, wayback machine, reviews and the site loading pace. You can download this app by clicking on the title.

2) Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

One of the top app or extension available for Google Chrome to capture some quick screen shots of the web pages you browse. Found an amazing looking website with amazing theme, take a quick snapshot of it without moving the mouse anywhere. It’s that simple. You can take the screenshot of a particular area of the webpage, visible region of the webpage or the entire web page in front of your eyes. You have keyboard shortcuts set up by default so you don’t have to use your mouse for doing this at all. You also get a bit of editing options once you have taken the screenshot like you can draw arrows, shapes, text etc.

3) Live Earnings Checker for Google AdSense

100% of the bloggers in this blogosphere are using Adsense from Google. This is a great universal extension for Google Chrome that hardly any blogger could resist installing. It’s very easy to use. First you need to login to your Adsense account and then the extension will automatically detect your Adsense account and will start giving all the live Adsense income reports associated with your account in the side widget section.

4) SEO Serp

A very useful extension for growing bloggers, it can be used to search your rankings for a specific keyword. It can also be used to check what the positions of different websites for big keywords are. Just specify the website to check their ranking for the same keyword.

5) Blog This!

Browsing the internet and suddenly came up with an awesome article or a piece of information that you think might prove useful for your audience. Just hit the blog this button on the sidebar widget and it will be posted on your blog!. Blogging was never so easy; with just a click of a button you can reach thousands of people.

6) RSS Feed Reader

RSS Feed Reader is one of the best Google Reader available right now for Google Chrome. You can change the theme of the widget, customize the way it looks. It has two basic color themes, one is the light one and the other is the dark theme. You can star your favorite feeds to categorize them differently. As a whole it just looks like an iphone feed reader. Totally awesome!

7) Traffic Rank

You can say this is an advanced version of the Alexa Traffic Rank Extension as it adds a few more options. You can view 1 month, 3 months global alexa reach and even 1 day or 1 week if your site receives high amount of views daily.

8) SEO for Chrome

All bloggers are involved into SEO. This is a perfect SEO app for their favorite browser. Once you have opened up a website, just click on the widget icon and it will give you all the SEO stats related to your Website. Information on the number of pages indexed of your site by some major searach engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing. Shows the no. of backlinks, traffic, social stats, search stats and some domain details at the end.

9) The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Addon

We all need stock and royalty free photos for our websites, this is the best app to perform that task. With various royalty free directories, it combines the searches from all the websites and presents it in front of your face. It becomes very easy to find new images. It searches for a particular keyword on all the websites separately.

10) AddThis – Share & Bookmark

A very popular extension. There is also a WordPress Plugin available for this purpose. It allows you to share on more than 300 websites and that too very easily and efficiently. Found anything interesting over the internet, just hit that button and boom it will be shared to your social profile with you fan base.

This was my list of the Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. If you know any other available out there then do share it in the comments section given below and share it with my other audience. Thanks!

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